The proposed topics deal with different aspects of hydrogen as an energy vector, alternative fuel and as a buffer in the energy transition. The proposed topics deal also with alternative energy and alternative fuels. More particularly:
Topic 1 : Systems and process techniques and technologies.
Topic 2 : Advances in production, storage, transport and distribution.
Topic 3 : Systems engineering : fuel cell, combustion motor, etc.
Topic 4 : Energy transition and stationary and mobile applications.  
Topic 5 : Security aspects (standards, norms, codes, etc.) and risk analysis and management.
Topic 6 : Economic issues : life cycle, deployment, market trends and strategies.                       
Topic 7 : Environmental issues : pollution and climate change.
Topic 8 : Advances in material : characterizations, properties, and applications.
Topic 9 : Energy policy and international perspectives : projects, programs and regulations.
Topic 10 : Other aspects.                        
Special topic : Promising alternative energy and alternative fuels.